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Entry #1

EPIC!!!! Flasher in the Making ^_^

2008-06-11 00:43:15 by Vultronagomical

Hello dudes and dudets.
I've decided 2 toss my hat in the ring and become a Flash maker ^_^


Only problem i really dont know how so pls if u wanna see these epic stories and ideas come 2 reality lend a hand (^_^)"

Tell me wat programs 2 use and stuff like that will b very much appreciated.

and 2 those who help ill always credit u in my flashes (^_^) "pinky swear" XD

p.s. Im havin trouble finding a flash maker program if any1 has a good one pls tell me ><

EPIC!!!! Flasher in the Making ^_^


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2008-06-11 00:58:33

Hey if you really need idea for a flash me and a other user are trying to make a flash team and we need someone with flash if your interested just pm me and we can see what can happen.


2008-10-09 05:11:11

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