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Im Finally on Track XD

2008-06-13 03:10:03 by Vultronagomical

Hello all i have finally learned how 2 use this flash thingy so im finally on my way 2 makin flashes. (^_^)

First off i wanna thank the members of SamBakZa who inspired me 2 do this after seein there Epic "There She Is : Step one-three" series (~_~)

for my first flash ima try and make a tribute their steps into sprite form i know thats sprites are old news but this is for practice ^_^ and so you know its the same exact story and everything only difference is that im usein sprites so 90% of the credit will go directly 2 them (^_^)

once again this is just for practice so when and if its done pls b gentle on the reviews ^_^
o yea and dont say stuff like i stole their flash cause like i said all 90% of the credit will go 2 them
and 9% goes to the sites i got the sprites and backgrounds from (O_o)
and i wanted 2 do this cause i luv the series so much (~_~)


Im Finally on Track XD


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2008-10-09 05:09:23

I don't need to wish you luck, you'll get a guaranteed 3+ score because of all the pussy boys who like there she is.