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I send my Thx ^_^

2008-06-13 06:53:48 by Vultronagomical

2 all the ppl that reviewed my practice flash i thank i have taken your reviews into consideration and plan 2 make my real project 10 times better the crap u watched earlier and yes i that it was stupid but it only took me 2 mins 2 make like i said in my post if u read it that i just wanted 2 see how it would run and how 2 submit it that was the main objective so yea i wasnt really tryin their ^_^
but some1 actually thought it went by smooth so atleast i know with alil hard work i can really produce some epic flashes ^_^

and so you already know the first few pieces are a tribute 2 SamBakZa i have no intention in makin their hard work my own my own ideal flashes will b made after i see how these tributes blow over.

So yea Reviewers i ty again for watchin that flash so now i know wat are the do's and dont's of epic flash making (^_^)

I send my Thx ^_^


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