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Wowzers time can fly

2011-06-06 15:25:47 by Vultronagomical

Its been three years since i last posted something geez...I'm amazed at how fast time can go when you pay it no mind. I've been so caught up in life and my hobbies that it has me wishing time would slow down now, but you know the saying "time waits for no one" XD

Wowzers time can fly


2008-06-15 00:00:08 by Vultronagomical

Got Bored...

Drew this...

Submited it...

More to come...

(BunnyKill's the Shit)


Change of plans

2008-06-13 13:23:43 by Vultronagomical

Ive decided 2 jump straight 2 my main idea its 2 "how you say?" silly 2 try and mimic SamBakZa's work
and im sure i probably woulda failed horribly at tryin ^_^ so now its time 2 get down 2 to it...

o yea and yur probably thinkin "o wow here comes another mario/sonic dbz ripoff from a noob well yur wrong on all but one...i am a noob at this flash makin stuff but my story is gonna b an origional...atleast 2 my knowledge any well time 2 get 2 work ill keep ya posted on how its comin (~_~)

I send my Thx ^_^

2008-06-13 06:53:48 by Vultronagomical

2 all the ppl that reviewed my practice flash i thank i have taken your reviews into consideration and plan 2 make my real project 10 times better the crap u watched earlier and yes i that it was stupid but it only took me 2 mins 2 make like i said in my post if u read it that i just wanted 2 see how it would run and how 2 submit it that was the main objective so yea i wasnt really tryin their ^_^
but some1 actually thought it went by smooth so atleast i know with alil hard work i can really produce some epic flashes ^_^

and so you already know the first few pieces are a tribute 2 SamBakZa i have no intention in makin their hard work my own my own ideal flashes will b made after i see how these tributes blow over.

So yea Reviewers i ty again for watchin that flash so now i know wat are the do's and dont's of epic flash making (^_^)

I send my Thx ^_^

Im Finally on Track XD

2008-06-13 03:10:03 by Vultronagomical

Hello all i have finally learned how 2 use this flash thingy so im finally on my way 2 makin flashes. (^_^)

First off i wanna thank the members of SamBakZa who inspired me 2 do this after seein there Epic "There She Is : Step one-three" series (~_~)

for my first flash ima try and make a tribute their steps into sprite form i know thats sprites are old news but this is for practice ^_^ and so you know its the same exact story and everything only difference is that im usein sprites so 90% of the credit will go directly 2 them (^_^)

once again this is just for practice so when and if its done pls b gentle on the reviews ^_^
o yea and dont say stuff like i stole their flash cause like i said all 90% of the credit will go 2 them
and 9% goes to the sites i got the sprites and backgrounds from (O_o)
and i wanted 2 do this cause i luv the series so much (~_~)


Im Finally on Track XD

EPIC!!!! Flasher in the Making ^_^

2008-06-11 00:43:15 by Vultronagomical

Hello dudes and dudets.
I've decided 2 toss my hat in the ring and become a Flash maker ^_^


Only problem i really dont know how so pls if u wanna see these epic stories and ideas come 2 reality lend a hand (^_^)"

Tell me wat programs 2 use and stuff like that will b very much appreciated.

and 2 those who help ill always credit u in my flashes (^_^) "pinky swear" XD

p.s. Im havin trouble finding a flash maker program if any1 has a good one pls tell me ><

EPIC!!!! Flasher in the Making ^_^